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Whales And Games
Based in Portugal

Founding Date:
March 30, 2017


Press / Business Contact:
[email protected]


Whipped And Steamy - Cosplay Café

Description 🐳

We are Whales And Games, an indie studio creating positive, polished games brimming with whalistic personality! Since our beginnings, we've aimed to differentiate our projects through mould-breaking experiences that we can easily expand on with fresh content, while focusing on character development and adding value to the core experience!

By approaching game development as creatives, we're constantly expanding our ever-growing game repertoire by experimenting with new ideas!

We're currently working on Townseek, an exploration trading-game, as our debut commercial title! Simultaneously, we continue participating in game jams, connecting with indie communities, and shaping the future of Whales And Games!

History 🗃️

Early History

Our history with game development began with loose concepts and ideas from our teenage years. In 2014, these ideas from Jorge M. Carvalho and José Sanchez came together with the release of The Farming One under a different pen-name. As both focused on new areas of interest and pursued new studies, our original name was eventually discontinued, but its ideals and goals were kept close at bay.

In 2016, we decided to regroup for the release of Colossorama for Ludum Dare 36. As we continued to stack jam participations, developing several projects and experiments, we officially set sail with our Whales And Games branding with the release of Petty Puny Planet for Ludum Dare 38. This marked the first use of our symbolic emblem, our logo, and our full-of-life mascot and its recognizable tophat, Polite Whale.

Exploring New Depths

Over the years, and still as university students, we continued nurturing and expanding our dear Whales And Games brand, creating new games through game jams and academic projects, quickly expanding our repertoire.

Becoming a familiar name of the Ludum Dare community and the Portuguese games industry - being present in several local events - our ideas with Whales And Games kept growing. We brought together a team of transatlantic contributors, stayed strong during a New Zealand exchange program and maintained the brand as we became university graduates.

Since then, Whales And Games has released more than twelve games, built an active community through our Discord server, and continued expanding his cast of recognizable characters. New unique personalities such as Whalechan and Dapperfish charm artists worldwide, which frequently draw and portray our characters through fan-art.

Charting Unknown Shores

With the release of Whipped and Steamy • Cosplay Café in 2019 and its positive reception, our studio began discussing plans for growth and our desire to support the brand on the long-term, allowing us to continue developing the projects we loved. The next months proved to be a challenge through which we grew as creatives, as people, and as a brand.

The COVID-19 pandemic and it's respective result in our inability to travel lead us to create Townseek, a relaxing exploration-trading game that quickly captivated players. We quickly understood the desire for a game all about travelling, and immediately set to work on it's full version after it's original Jam Version.

Our next voyages are still uncharted, though 2022 and the years ahead led us to unknown shores, yet we eagerly set sail as we continue trailblazing this amazing sea-of-fun with Whales And Games!

Projects 🎮

Images 📸

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Awards & Recognition 🏆

  • " Concept and Gameplay Game Jam GOTY 2019 for Whipped And Steamy by Game Curator "
    - Sebastian Standke • Game Curator - 3rd January, 2020
  • " #Spotlight Award by A Ludoteca and Associação de Produtores de Videojogos "
    - LoadingZone • Lisboa Games Week - 24th November, 2019

Selected Articles 📝

  • " Colossorama (an indie game in development by Whales And Games) seems like a great indie game and really deserves the support that it can get. I'm not much of a fan of fighting games, but I really did enjoy seeing what this game had to offer, and I'm sure you'd like to try it out for yourself! With it offering plenty of features, and that it's available for all operating systems, I feel this is why it deserves to be labeled as a featured game! "
    - David Strickland, Early Access Gaming (Discontinued)
  • " Petty Puny Planet has many random options and events that can really change your planet, as well as many different endings to explore. It's got a great sense of humor and it's great fun experimenting with different options to see how they affect your cute little planet. A God sim that lets you enjoy being a God and not worry too much about the (often bizarre) ramifications of your actions! "
    - Jupiter Hadley, Alpha Beta Gamer
  • " Whipped and Steamy • Cosplay Café is the best game Whales And Games made so far. The gameplay is fun, you can learn about different kinks thanks to the glossary and the game teaches a lovely lesson: While fetishes and kinks can be a big influence for a person, they don't define them as people.So thanks to the whole dev team for creating this little gem - I'd love to see a full version released someday. (...) "
    - Sebastian Standke, Game Curator
  • " In short, Townseek managed to live up to my expectations, providing me a zen experience while, at the same time, being fun enough to encourage me to seek the different collectibles. If you're looking for something that allows you to relax after a day at work, Townseek is an excellent proposal. "
    - Pedro Simões, Pixel Glitch (Translated)

Whales And Games Blog
The Whales And Games Blog where we publish monthly status reports about our projects and development insights into our games' development. whalesandgames.com.

Whales And Games Discord Server
The Whales And Games Discord brings all of our games community together in a single place where we are active at. discord.gg.

Steam Developer Page
Whales And Games' Developer page on Steam, where we will be releasing our upcoming commercial releases. store.steampowered.com.

itch.io Profile Page
Whales And Games' Profile on itch.io, where we host most of our game jam experiments at. https://whalesandgames.itch.io/.

Game Jolt Profile Page
Whales And Games' Profile on Game Jolt, where we release some of our best performing games at. gamejolt.com.

Whales And Games Team 🐋

Jorge M. Carvalho (JorgeGameDev)
Co-Founder and Lead Developer
Contact Email: [email protected]

José "Moski" Sánchez (MoskiDraws)
Co-Founder and Lead Artist
Contact Email: [email protected]

Team Collaborators 🌟

John Elliott (JohnElliottComp)
Sound Designer and Audio Composer

Special Thanks 👏

Robin Couwenberg (Robinaite)
Sound Designer and Assistant Programmer

Leonardo Scur (Kroltan)
Assistant Programmer

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Contact Email
[email protected]

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