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Whales And Games

Founding Date:
March 30, 2017


Press / Business Contact:
[email protected]


Whipped And Steamy Cosplay Café

Description 🐳

Whales And Games is an indie studio designing mindlessly fun games and art brimming with whaleistic personality. We develop several projects, with some of our flagship games debuting as game jam entries. We’re also currently setting up plans for longer-term and larger-scale iterative games.

We are creating small and easy-to-learn game loops that can be easily expanded with fresh new content that allow us to diversify our games, while also giving more value to their core experience. We’re constantly trying out new stuff and expanding our ever-growing game repertoire.

History & Values 🗃️


Our history with game development spiritually began with the release of The Farming One in 2014, signed under a different pen-name that we eventually discontinued as we moved into other new areas of interest. Back in 2016, we decided to regroup with the release of Colossorama, created for Ludum Dare 36.

Since Colossorama’s release, we’ve been developing new short, experimental and full-of-personality video-game projects through game jams, personal projects, and during various other occasions, leading to the creation of our unique and mostly-experimental game roster that is available today.

With all the experiments and side-projects, we officially formed and kicked-off Whales And Games during Ludum Dare 38 with Petty Puny Planet being our first game to make use of our symbolic embleem, logo and full-of-life mascot, Polite Whale.

As we dwell into newer, longer-term and larger-scale iterative projects, our uncertain future is at its brightest. We can barely wait to see what we can discover.


Whales and Games has been built with pillars and foundations in the form of our core values. Thus, it is form with the ideas of inclusiveness, iteration and, being proud of it, what we call Whaleism.

Whaleism is a spoof of the word holism, which refers to understanding an entity - an idea, a mechanism or even a person - as a complete being conformed by different parts and factors, where the whole, instead of the parts, are what matters.

In the context of Whales and Games, our whaleistic personality refers to the integration of all the aspects of the team. Our members, our games, our fans, our marketing, our systems are a cohesive amalgamation, which together can perform a harmonious universe, new and bigger as its separate areas expand.

The team is also building upon the idea of iteration. Some of the projects have moved on from the idea of “release and forget”. Current and future games are being planned with the idea of constructing them with bases on which we can later on expand. Ideally, our best projects will not be “fully complete” unless they reach their logical conclusion.

Projects 🎮

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There are far more images available for Whales And Games, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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Awards & Recognition 🏆

  • "#Spotlight Award by A Ludoteca and Associação de Produtores de Videojogos"
    - LoadingZone • Lisboa Games Week - November 24th, 2019

Selected Articles 📝

  • "Colossorama (an indie game in development by Whales And Games) seems like a great indie game and really deserves the support that it can get. I’m not much of a fan of fighting games, but I really did enjoy seeing what this game had to offer, and I’m sure you’d like to try it out for yourself! With it offering plenty of features, and that it’s available for all operating systems, I feel this is why it deserves to be labeled as a featured game!"
    - David Strickland, Early Access Gaming
  • "Petty Puny Planet has many random options and events that can really change your planet, as well as many different endings to explore. It’s got a great sense of humor and it’s great fun experimenting with different options to see how they affect your cute little planet. A God sim that lets you enjoy being a God and not worry too much about the (often bizarre) ramifications of your actions!"
    - Jupiter Hadley, Alpha Beta Gamer
  • "Whipped and Steamy • Cosplay Café is the best game Whales And Games made so far. The gameplay is fun, you can learn about different kinks thanks to the glossary and the game teaches a lovely lesson: While fetishes and kinks can be a big influence for a person, they don't define them as people.So thanks to the whole dev team for creating this little gem - I'd love to see a full version released someday. (...)"
    - Sebastian Standke, Game Jam Curator

itch.io Profile Page
Whales And Games Profile on the itch.io store front where all of our currently released games are hosted at. https://whalesandgames.itch.io.

Newgrounds Profile Page
Whales And Games Profile on the Newgrounds web portal where we're currently re-releasing our web-supported games. https://whalesandgames.newgrounds.com.

Whales And Games Team 🚶

Jorge Carvalho (JorgeGameDev)
Co-Founder and Lead Developer

José Sanchez (The Moski)
Co-Founder and Lead Artist

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