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Release date:
Originally Released August 2016
The Champions Update Releasing October 2019

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Description 📢

Colossorama is a single-player hack-and-slash high-score side-scrolling game centered around the titular event of the Colossorama, an entertainment activity proposed by the gods, where gladiators fight against each other and plenty of other beasts with the promise of eternal glory.

Starting with a gladiator (with 30 different ones to unlock) the player can jump into the main game mode, where the character will have weapons and items to slay enemies or heal themselves. At the end of each wave, the player is presented with a set of three new unique weapons and/or items to choose from, replacing whatever they currently have equipped in said slots. Swapping weapons or equipping items is mandatory, causing players to adapt and form new strategies on the go.

Aside from the main game mode, there are assorted challenges that add modifiers to the core game experience. With over 150 weapons and items to equip, plenty of challenges, four arenas to fight on, diverse enemies to slat, characters and achievements to unlock, and leaderboards to keep the competition flowing, there’s a lot to see!

Pitch & History 🗃️

Game Pitch

Welcome to Colossorama! An arena built for the most savage gladiators, sorcerers, beasts and gods! Take a sword, ditch if for a hammer, swap it with a bow, wield staves, and more! Put your adaptability to test by constantly swapping between dozens upon dozens of weapons! Slash, hack, pummel, set things ablaze, freeze, pierce, and more!

Face bloodthirsty gladiators! Survive against executioners! Go toe-to-toe against champions, archers and voodoo sorcerers! There’s also lions, golems and bats! A lot of bats! But hey, that’s just another day for the soon-to-be greatest gladiator of all time. Get in there and slay until your name is engraved in the Pantheon of Gladiators! These heads won’t chop themselves, you know?

From 'Colossorama' to 'The Champions Update'

Colossorama originally began as a game jam project made during the Ludum Dare 36 event, an open online event for people to make games within a weekend. Developed as Whales and Games’ first Unity project, Colossorama 36 was released back in September of 2016. The game, in its initial form, featured only one character and close to 20 weapons and items.

During the next couple of years, working on the game on-and-off, we have updated it to have more solid mechanics, unlockable characters, new enemies, brand new graphics, challenges and more. The core experience continues to be the same, with the game loop of selecting between three weapons or items at the end of each wave. However, the game feels far more dynamic, with status effects, ranged weapons, unexpected combinations of weapons, and unlocks.

Our first version of Colossorama featured 19 weapons and items. We added 16 more for our first update and 31 on the second update. We’re currently working on the next update - which is almost a complete overhaul of the game - and we’ve increased the pool to feature a total of over 150 weapons and items, on top of an extensive cast of unlockable characters, completable challenges, achievements, leaderboards, stats, in-game lore, and more!

Features 🎯

  • Test your adaptability skills! After surviving a wave, you’re forced to pick between a new Weapon or Item before being sent off to fight another round! Keep swapping until you get the weapons you like the most, or keep exchanging weapons to find new strategies!
  • Speaking of weapons and items, there’s over 150 of them all-together! Will you choose ranged over knockback? Healing over speed? Status effects over damage? You might even come across some fun ones!
  • There’s swords, spears, axes, hammers, scythes, staves, rods and many more! Some of them even inflict poison, freezing, stunning, invincibility, throw projectiles, create orbital defenses and even as well!
  • You may fight in Colossorama mode for the core head-slashing experience, or choose from one of the many challenges! There’s fast paced combat, moon gravity, powerful enemies only and even a party mode for good measure!
  • There’s a whole set of 30 playable characters, achievements and even lore tidbits to unlock! Complete additional challenges across all game-modes, try-out all of the weapons and upgrades to complete your Armory and strive for completion!
  • Track your stats, survive through day, night and rain, and write your name into the Pantheon of Gladiators (also known as Leaderboards)!

Videos 🎥

Announcement Trailer (YouTube)

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Awards & Recognition 🏆

  • " IndieX Selection Finalist "
    - Moche XL Games World - November 14th, 2019
  • " #Spotlight Award by A Ludoteca and Associação de Produtores de Videojogos "
    - LoadingZone • Lisboa Games Week - November 24th, 2019

Selected Articles 📝

  • " Colossorama (an indie game in development by Whales And Games) seems like a great indie game and really deserves the support that it can get. I’m not much of a fan of fighting games, but I really did enjoy seeing what this game had to offer, and I’m sure you’d like to try it out for yourself! With it offering plenty of features, and that it’s available for all operating systems, I feel this is why it deserves to be labeled as a featured game! "
    - David Strickland, Early Access Gaming

Monetization Permission 💲

Whales And Games allows for the contents of Colossorama • The Champions Update to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Colossorama • The Champions Update is legally & explicitly allowed by Whales And Games. This permission can be found in writing at https://press.whalesandgames.com/sheet.php?p=colossorama.

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About Whales And Games 🐳

We at Whales And Games are an indie studio designing mindlessly fun games and art brimming with whaleistic personality! We focus on creating small and easy-to-learn game loops that can be iterated on, easily expanding them with fresh new content that allows for more fun and mold-breaking experiences, while also giving more value and character to their core experience.

By approaching game development and as art as creatives, we're constantly expanding our ever-growing repetoire by constantly trying new ideas! Currently we're working on Bunny Splash Casino, an adults-only management simulation-game and our debut commercial title, while continuing to mantain the game jam driven experimentation that Whales And Games is known for!

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Colossorama • The Champions Update Credits 🚶

Jorge Carvalho (JorgeGameDev)
Lead Developer and Game Designer

José Sánchez (MoskiDraws)
Artist and Graphic Designer

Robin Couwenberg (Robinaite)
Music Composer and Sound Design

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[email protected]

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